Friday, October 7, 2011

Brown Bloggle

As Kasse moves along with ruralwomenrock, enabling people to share, connect and participate - in part by teaching women to blog - a concern arose. What if we teach all these women to blog, and they neglect their responsibilities, turning an otherwise harmless tool, into something harmful? So I told her I would address the issue, encouraging the use of ruralwomenrock as a sharpening stone for each other, not a stumbling block.

Many things can become an obsession and or an addiction.  Hand sanitizer, audio books, complaining, worrying, soy chi latt├ęs, taco bell, Sierra Nevadas' summer ale, blogging, nagging your husband, nagging your kids about marriage, nagging in general, Halloween decorations, stamp collecting. Apparently I could go on and on with this - how about Angrybirds? What's consuming our thoughts? How do we keep reality  in check? What is truly important and needs to take precedence?
Here is a little book I came across
In this allegory, a caterpillar finds such a pleasant mellow glow inside a brown bottle that he rejects his friends and the outside world altogether, and becomes completely dependent on the bottle which traps and eventually kills him.

This is a killer song by a band we have been listening to recently, Count This Penny. Can't get the full version here, but you can by the EP for 5 bucks:

But there is also an older but complete version here: Hit that big play button.

Is there anything that is keeping us from being responsible to things which matter most?

I know being a raging alcoholic, or a meth addict is different than blogging all the time. I guess it boils down to keeping up with what's important. It's too easy for us humans to become selfish.

For me its Chi Tea, I think the more I drink the better I'll work, and If I don't have it, my day won't be as good as it could be.

So ladies, let's keep life in perspective, and enjoy it.  Keep it honest, keep it real, and let our families, our responsibilities, play second fiddle to nothing. ....except for maybe....
I make my own because I am a tight wad.
4  1 1/2 in slices fresh ginger, or big chunk
2  2 in cinnamon sticks, or handful
8 whole cloves, or handful
15-20 green cardamom pods, again I don't measure
2 capfuls vanilla, or just pour
1/2 cup honey
4c water
6 teabags
2 T sugar
Boil everything but the tea bags for awhile, or, crock-pot everything  but tea bags on high 3-4 hours or low 7-8 hrs. Add tea bags let steep 10 min, remove teabags. Pour contents over strainer into 1 quart beverage container.  Add water to make 1 quart. This will get you pretty much what comes in the picture. And make the house smell wonderful. I never follow the exact directions, and have used maple syrup, brown sugar , and date syrup, and it always turns out scrumptious. 
Serve hot or over ice, equal parts tea to milk, soy, cream, whatever fits your fancy. I like soy. I got addicted to this working at Starbucks.  I'm trying to remember if they used vanilla soy milk for theirs.
Ecclesiastes 2:24-25
 A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil. This too, I see, is from the hand of God, 25 for without him, who can eat or find enjoyment? 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


For my friends around the world, here is a little slice of NW Oklahoma. If you tune in and listen online 9-10 am Central Time (11-12 Eastern) at you can hear things that will make you smile. Things like:

"Tradio, your on the air"

"Yeah, I have a 1984 Kawasaki motorcycle. I'll take $50 bucks for her. I also have 4 lorikeets and 2 sandbags. I am asking 25 dollars, each."


"Hey. I want to sell a Garrett metal detector. Bought it off TV. Never used. Asking 400. Also I have some engine belts, used. 15 bucks each. And a California Raisin collection - fifty dollars, firm."

It's the underground radio, revolutionizing Oklahoma.

The other day, I heard a man listing some broiler chickens for five bucks a piece. Wrote his number down and gave him a call. Guy said I need to butcher the chickens right when I get home, or they might die on the spot...still thinking about what to do. We have some friends that recently built their own automated chicken plucker, and are having an old fashion chicken butchering Oct 3rd, I'll let you know how it all pans out.

Anyway, hopefully I can get on the air tomorrow. If I do, you will be able to listen to me trying to sell our puppies, some Kiko-Spanish bucklings, and maybe the miniature horse the kids got for Christmas. (Thanks Santa!) This isn't our horse, or our son

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This awe-inspiring book was lent to us by our dear friends Coleen and Ryan. The book is a stream of consciousness celebration of God's Creation. A beautiful trip through the author's ideas concerning life, the world, and the wonder that surrounds us.

In this book, Nate Wilson mentions that the chances of you being born are 1 out of 8 million, and that the chances of us both being here - that is Kasse and I (since she is my only reader for now) - are one out of sixty four trillion. If we take into account the probabilities of our grandparents, their grandparents, times of conception, etc. the chances are far less. There is really no chance at all.

Everything pretty much on our part is a choice. We have a choice. I know we make our plans and God directs our paths, but we still have to make our plans. 

Life is where it is now because of the decisions we have made, or in not making decisions - especially by not making them.

My fortune cookie the other day said "Good luck comes with good planning". I decided not to home school the kids this year. I couldn't hijack their education without a plan....or could I?  (he he he)

Matt says no to free love and nickel beer no matter how much I demand it.

Don't want to write a bunch of worthless garbage, or spend a lot of time on this. I just wanted to touch base with mankind. Actually, my goal for this blog is to spend hopefully no more than an hour a day sharing stories, thoughts, and our family's daily pursuit of peace and order. Also, just to have a little fun.

The kids are out to sea in the back yard, killing pirates and spotting mermaids.  What do I focus on? Do I take this time now and choose to return the books I checked out this summer? I think so. Better get a move on it. The bookmobile only comes every other week. Yes, in rural America there are traveling libraries. Only steps ahead of the Biblioburro-The donkey library in Columbia.

Check out this link. This man is a real saint - someone who knows what's truly importante. A must see. Matt's hero.